Worn Carpet Areas Can Be Replaced

Worn Carpet Areas Can Be Replaced

Worn Carpet Areas Can be Replaced 

Hire a experienced carpet cleaning company to do carpet repairs, carpet cleaning and carpet stretching. Sometimes if the carpet is so worn, you should consider having us cut out the worn area and insert new carpet.  

Worn area or areas with damage can be replaced by small parts or larger parts of carpet. If we can find the carpet in a area of the house where you won’t miss it.  Let say, maybe a closet where the carpet still looks newer. Then you can replace the carpet you took out with another product like tile or laminate flooring.  In the closet you won’t even miss the carpet.

Whatever you decide, we are here to fix that worn carpet.  No need to replace the whole house with new carpet.  We can fix those worn spots so it looks new again.

Take a look at the photo below.  It was just a small spot that was replaced,  but we can do larger areas too.

carpets before and after cleaning

This can be done very quickly and efficiently. We see a lot of damaged areas near the front door.  Usually dirt and grim that just cannot be removed. We can help you decide if your heavy traffic areas need to be replaced.  We serve the entire Denver Metro Area of Colorado. 

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Worn Carpet Replacement or Repairs