Winter Carpet Cleaning

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Winter Carpet Cleaning

Winter Carpet Cleaning is a great time to keep your carpets from getting those difficult stains.  With the winter comes snow, rain and more dirt than you can imagine.  Even little rocks and gravel can get tracked into the house and get embedded into the carpets.

Got pets, they too are staying indoors longer and they will have accidents on the carpet.  Oh, you try to keep those cleaned up, but lets face it, you can’t get every drop of urine and poo up from the carpet.  Only a true professional carpet cleaning company can really get all those spots and debris up from the carpets.

One good tip for you is to place a small carpet rug at the door in the entry inside and out.  This will help pick up lots of the water, sand, rocks and snow before you get into the house.  And then when you are in the house, sit down at your nearest bench or chair and take off those wet shoes or boots.  That will help keep the carpets a little cleaner.

But the best practice is to give us a call every month or quarterly, to clean those difficult dirty carpets.  We can help you keep the cleaner and they will last longer for you if you allow a carpet cleaning company do regularly clean those carpets.

If you have large area rugs.  The same practice would apply.  We specialize in cleaning area rugs.  Give Ronnie Catalano a phone call for a custom quote.

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